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  • Preparing you for parenthood
    A fresh and balanced approach to
    antenatal classes in Portishead

  • A safe, relaxed space
    Come together and make new friends,
    voice your hopes and fears in an atmosphere of trust

  • Time to reflect
    Anticipate all the changes ahead in a caring environment,
    wonder at the everyday miracle of a new baby

Preparing you for parenthood A fresh and balanced approach to antenatal classes in Portishead

We are unable to take bookings at the moment for Birth and Beyond.  Thank you for your interest and please accept our apologies.


'The best thing was the incredibly positive delivery of all aspects of the course, feeling supported, and knowing the support would be there should we need it.' - the Osmans

Hi, we're Nicola and Tina  and welcome to Birth and Beyond!  We are both passionate about supporting parents as you journey into family life together.  When you discover you're expecting a baby, it can feel exciting and amazing, but sometimes scary and overwhelming.

Perhaps you don't know where to go, or who to ask for help and advice? Maybe your family don't live close by? Perhaps you and your partner work full time and you're looking for a way to meet other couples in a similar situation?

 Our 5 week courses offer a fresh and balanced approach to preparing for parenthood, at a time that suits you. We help you meet new friends, voice your hopes and fears, and get your heads round what's about to happen.  Find out what some of the people who've done the course thought about it:

Bringing your baby home is just the beginning of a whole new chapter of your lives together.  We talk about the inevitable highs and lows, coping with the early days, looking after yourselves and your couple relationship, and lots of other things!

We still feel the 'wow' factor when a brand new human being is born...   Being pregnant can make us think more deeply about life, so we'll give you moments to reflect on godstuff, the spiritual angle on it all.

We've got a personal approach so we can give you plenty of time - not just in our course sessions.  We're a not-for-profit company so if you need extra support after the baby is born, we offer that where we can as part of the Birth and Beyond package. 

Click here to read testimonials from some of our customers.


Our Next Course

Where? Portishead Children's Centre
West Hill, BS20 6LN

Unfortunately we are unable to take any bookings at present.  Thank you for your interest and please accept our apologies.

Who? Mums & Dads of all ages and backgrounds
How much?

We're a not-for-profit enterprise.  We believe Birth and Beyond offers great quality and everyone who wants to do the course should be able to, so there's no fixed price.  We ask you to give a donation when the course is over - when the baby's arrived! - and you can judge if we made a difference.  The course is worth £150 and we do have to cover our costs, but we ask you to give what you can afford.  There's no catch.  1p or £150  - you decide.  Want to know more?  Click here.

What next?  

'I thought it would be all breathing exercises and like a live version of One Born Every Minute! In the end I was glad I attended as we were very quickly discussing things I hadn't even thought about like the effect on our relationship and money issues.'  - Duncan